mercoledì 24 ottobre 2012

Sunny day!

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Hello there!
I went in this beautiful place yesterday for a new photoshoot..
it was very sunny and hot day, and i was wearing this sweater lol
But i have to study a lot in this time, this is my first year of high school, i was really scared at the first time.
So...i'll probably update the blog in halloween's day!
sweater from Pimkie// jeans from Charget// bag from converse// shoes from converse

domenica 21 ottobre 2012


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I studied a lot this afternoon, i went in a park with my friend, but i'm so tired, i need to sleep!
I'll probably take some photos when i'll go in florence on the 3th november,
or the halloween night, i'm going to sleep with my friends..i did it last year,
it was so much funny :)
I'm going to bed now, see you soon!
Zara// bag from converse

martedì 9 ottobre 2012

New amazing hoodie and new pic!

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MY FAVOURITE HOOOOODIE! that's amazing, i like it a lot.
I bought it some days ago.
My friend bought another shirt, so much cool, i'll probably post a pic of it in another
blogpost. I'd like a lot, but now i've to study hard and i've no some times to take
photo and do photoshoot with reflex!
Hoodie from KAOS

This is the last pic i saw on twitter, a girl did it for me! that's awesome, and i love it, i'm going to put it on my wall, yeah. I was at the sea in this photo, i like it a lot, really ;)

giovedì 4 ottobre 2012

New picturess

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I took this photo yesterday with my friends, i'd like to make this the PROFILE PICTURE FOR THE BLOG.
But it's too large!!
My face in this pic is like an actress, ahah...but i'm not LOL
I must study now, see you later xx
                                       T-shirt from CIACIAO// Bandana from StravagandoLiving
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